Grundejernes Investeringsfond (GI)


The Landowner Investment Fund

The Landowner Investment Fund provides grants for projects, experiments and initiatives within urban ecology, urban planning, urban renewal, home improvement and refurbishment of the older housing stock. The projects may adopt different approaches, such as:

  • Development of new knowledge through application-oriented research
  • Tools for better renovation and maintenance of properties including checklists, calculation tools, PC applications, interactive websites and/or new improved building products or processes.
  • Dissemination to professionals within the industry and non-professional users. This also includes dissemination in the form of e.g. video clips and 3D visualizations as well as courses / seminars.

Read more about the foundation here (in Danish).




Open for applications


Under DKK 1 mill., Over DKK 1 mill.


Research, Development and Innovation, Market introduction


Public institutions, Private companies


Architechture, Construction, Energy, Environment, Network, Society issues, Health, Technology