Horizon 2020 - Fremtidige og fremspirende teknologier (FET)


Horizon 2020 – Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)

FET supports high-risk pioneering research that promises a major long-term technological or societal potential. FET is often described as a pathfinder of future research into pioneering new technologies that can enhance Europe’s global industrial and technological competitiveness.

Universities, other research institutions (e.g. GTS institutes), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large companies. The programme can also be relevant for government, regional and local authorities, hospitals, interest organisations, industry organisations and vocational colleges.

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Open for applications


Over DKK 5 mill.


Research, Development and Innovation


Public institutions, Private companies


Architechture, Construction, Energy, Food, Infrastructure, Environment, Network, Society issues, Health, Technology